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Adults involved in the Fairfield County Basketball League will not behave in a manner that draws a technical foul call from a referee.
If you understand that basic principle, feel free to stop reading. If you do not, please read the rest of this message.

We are a MIDDLE SCHOOL league. Consquently, we have chosen to follow the principle that

it is the responsibility of the adults involved in our league to lead-by-example

   ...and when they feel that the have been victimized by poor reffing, "homer" reffing, score keeping errors, clock management errors, boorish behavior from the refs or opposing team's fans, and the like...

the opportunity to be pursued, in that situation, is the opportunity to teach their players how to play through adversity

...and the opportunity to teach that "life-lesson" trumps all else.

If an adult in our League receives one technical foul in a game, it is his or her obligation to immediately adjust their body language and their approach to dealing with "the problem".

If an adult in our League receives two technical fouls in a League game, he or she will suffer the following consequences:

    1. He will, of course, be ejected from the game.

Note that any behavior that results in a League game ejection (including those that did not come after two technical fouls), will have the following additional consequences, as set forth in the Violations section of our Rules:

    2. He will be suspended from attending the next two League games ( For those suspensions arising from late season or FCBL tourney games, the two game suspension will carry over to the following year as needed).

   3. He will find himself on the FCBL Board's watch list for further scrutiny of his behavior, and under consideration for his expulsion from the League.

Any ejection must be self-reported by the offending coach to his  Division Director within 24 hours. The failure to report an ejection on time my result in more severe League sanctions.. 
We recognize that some of you are college and high school coaches and managers.


   4.(New in 2017) If a player or coach receives three technical fouls over the course of a season, then he/she will receive an automatic two league game suspension. For each subsequent technical foul thereafter, he/she will receive an additional two league game suspension. All technicals must be self-reported to the Division Director and the failure to report promptly such technical foul shall itself be grounds for an automatic suspension.                

We recognize that this is a different level of tolerance than those of the older leagues.

                                         That is precisely  the point of this message!

For perspective, you want to realize that we have previously suspended adults from participating in our League for one year, two year and "Lifetime" periods

For teams with "fans" that could not adhere to our level of required decorum, we have previously    required their teams to play with no audience attendance, and have also expelled teams out of the League strictly due to their "fans" misbehavior.

We recognize that this is a relatively severe policy.

We are trying to avoid the unfortunately common theme of adult misbehavior in youth sports.  We believe that positive problem-solving behavior  is contagious. Unfortunately,  and more specifically, we know that boorish misbehavior is definitiely contagious.

If you disagree with the severity of this policy, we understand and respect that is your right to do so. However, if you feel that you can not abide by it, we ask that you choose to not to particpate in our League.

If you have an issue with poor game officiating, do not get yourself in a technical foul-inducing situation during the game. Instead, go home and write a note explaining the details and forward it to your Division Director. It will be, in turn, forwarded to the Program Head that hired those officials.

Similiarly, if you see a case of outstanding officiating, please feel encouraged to pass that feedback along as well.

Thank you.