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How to manage a FCBL Summer League team

Thanks for taking the time to read this note. The players and their families generally tend to love playing in these summer games; however, the real MVP of the process is the summer league team manager. Given the numerous summer conflicts that need to be managed around, it takes a special effort by those team managers to make it work. Below are some tips on how to be successful in that role.

To enter a team, contact   or  at 203 656 3824

Generally speaking, in order to ensure that you will have 5 or more players on any given summer night, you will need to draw on a player pool of about 12-14*. ...and/or you will need to draw heavily from the Temp Players (aka “Gym Rat”) list that the FCBL will give you access to.

You will be given a team website password. It is strongly encouraged that you use your team’s News page to track your players planned attendance intentions.  For example:

Tuesday, July 5
                In: Smith, Jones, Johnson, Jordan and Pippen
               Out: Ewing, Stockton, Malone, Russell, Bird, and Walton
               Unsure: Iverson and Rodman
Thursday, July 7
                In: Smith, Jones, Malone, Russell, Johnson, Iverson and Pippen
               Out: Jordan Ewing, Stockton, Bird, and Walton
               Unsure: Rodman
Direct your team to pay attention to their status as you have it reflected on your team's  News webpage. This tends to really increase their awareness to the fact that they need to communicate to you any change in their availability as soon as they know it.
Identify your teams’ “Gym Rats” and get their contact info into
These are your kids, who love to play so much that they are willing to show up early and/or stay late in order to fill in for other short-handed teams. (This summer league is actually affectionately known as the “Gym Rat league”.  Because for those kids, it’s like they’ve died and gone to heaven, getting to play in multiple games in an air conditioned gym on a summer’s night).
Since most teams will have widely varying participation levels, (some kids will make 7-10 games, but many others can only make 2-4 games), many team managers tend to recoup their teams’ entry fees by charging their players a reimbursement rate, say $15, based on the number of games that they actually end up playing in.
Note: Unlike the FCBL winter season rules, in summer league, no one cares whether you source your players from multiple towns or multiple grades. Everyone just wants you to make sure that you have at least 5-6 bodies to play in every game that your team is scheduled to play in.
The whole point of this summer league is to enable high caliber players to get in the gym for a run against other high caliber players. If we lived in a large urban center, this role is usually served by the local playground courts. Since we do not live in a large urban center, we have to use our organizational skills to get a critical mass of players in the same spot.
*Managers that attempt to field a summer team solely from their 10 player winter teams find themselves scrambling to the Gym Rat list a little too frequently. It’s generally a much easier task, if two 10 player winter teams combine to field one summer team.


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